We are a caring team that Delivers More Than Your Usual Primary Care. We work with our patients to guide them in the direction Of a truly healthy life. many health problems are consequences of a busy lifestyle, food choices, stressors, environment, and genetic make-up.  At velez family health, it is our goal to help our patients identify these factors and find ways to modify them. we will work together to improve your overall personal health while preventing future health problems.

Sculpsure at Velez Family Health

Sculpsure is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that utilizes heated laser technology to heat and break down fat rather than freeze it.

Metagenics Clear Change

Group Detox Session

The Clear Change Program was scientifically designed to support the body's natural process of metabolic detoxification. It takes just 10 days to do something great for your health and energy metabolism. Think of it as a "spring cleaning" or tune-up to clear out some of the junk and get your body back to its peak cleansing performance.

Best of all, you can still enjoy a variety of solid foods without going hungry!

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October 15th at 6:30pm (order by October 9th)

November 12th at 6:30pm (order by November 6th)

December 10th at 6:30pm (order by December 4th)

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Spruce Telemedicine Service

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InBody BIA Analysis offered at Velez Family Health!

Get a real time assessment of your health and how your body is composed in only two minutes!

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